MY DAY: Saturday of Seuss & Spaghetti

It’s nearing 7:00 PM and despite the sadness of last night, I can say this has been a beautiful day.

I putzed around my study most of the morning, accomplishing precious little, but I can say I managed to get those little odds and ends completed until it was time to get ready for the afternoon activities.

Griffith had orientation for his new job at Dorothy Lane Market, so my student, Ian, joined me for lunch at Spaghetti Warehouse, his first visit.  Fortunately for me, this young man appreciates architecture and antiques and managed not to nod off as I pointed out all the different architectural features of Dayton buildings, especially The Arcade.

Dare 2 Defy’s production, SEUSSICAL JR was nice.  My student, Sam McLain, plowed through the show as though he had been born to play Cat In The Hat.  Super job!

Following the show, we hit the trail toward RiverScape and Deeds Point.

Back at home Griffith, still maintaining a strong aversion to pasta and marinara sauce, happily presented me with a “welcome basket” from Dorothy Lane Market that contained pasta, DLM marinara sauce, and a nice bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I love how dinner plans magically work out.


The past two hours I’ve spent time with the dogs since my time this past week was focused on Flanagan’s care.  We all seem to be back on the grid.

A good day.

Perspective and attitude.

Life moves on…

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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1 Response to MY DAY: Saturday of Seuss & Spaghetti

  1. kathalsey says:

    Glad you made the very best of your day. Someone should shave also gotten you a killer brownie. All the best to son on DLM job. Have fond memories of that store! Let dogs love on you!

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