MY DAY: Regarding Flanagan….

Flanagan, not yet one-month-old, came to live with us July 27, 2017.  Within hours he had won the affection of the entire Haasienda, and all those who spend time here as students and family friends.

Yesterday, August 31, there was a freak accident and it appears Flanagan has a concussion.  The family friend/veterinarian has given nursing instructions and we are now past the twenty-four-hour mark.

Yesterday was touch and go a few times, and we prepared ourselves for his passing.  I seriously doubted he would make it through the night.

This morning at 11:00 AM, Flanagan is still with us and possibly showing signs of improvement.  But, it’s still 50/50 at this time.

Flanagan, while still sleeping all the time this morning, has shown signs of finally opening his eyes, responding to Griffith, Neko, the dogs, and me.  He generally lifts his head and looks in the direction of Harrigan’s bark or the jingling of dog tags.

Neko has been absolutely adorable through this traumatic experience: often crawling into the laundry basket to snuggle with Flanagan, groom him, and to just check on him.  Neko lays on the piano bench where he can look down on Flanagan, or lays next to the basket sometimes getting a meow from Flanagan.

Neko is the feline version of Chief.

Chief and the girls are always near by.  Chief opted to sleep downstairs, last night, not leaving Flanagan’s side, just as he did when Flyer was ill/passing away four years ago.

Flanagan frequently moves to different positions.  He doesn’t seem to be in any pain and seems to be in a peaceful state of rest, which is exactly what he needs.  This morning Flanagan has had two large syringes of Pedialyte; he doesn’t fight the syringe and eagerly drinks down the liquids.

Many thanks for all the many prayers and notes of encouragement.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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  1. Love this little guy. Praying for Flannigan and the entire haasienda!

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