MIAGD: Reminders

I like motivational posters. I always have.

My college dorm room walls, and later, the house on Washington Street, were filled with framed posters reminding me to keep going, to share my light, and to continue to love.

My music classrooms were filled with them. Sometimes, a student might privately share a poster spoke to them at a critical time. I typically purchased an additional copy to give the student.

When we moved to Shroyer Road 14 years ago, I was up to two adopted sons, and two foster sons. I began posting a positive/motivational quote on the bathroom mirror every morning. Sometimes I could tell they had actually been read because a wet-ink smeared thumbprint was visible. Most of the time, the splattered toothpaste covered most of the tiny print at the bottom of the mirror.

I also taped a different motivating phrases to the inside of cabinets, the inside of the refrigerator and freezer, the inside of the dryer, to the bottom of their chest drawers since I knew they would eventually go without washing laundry until it was absolutely necessary, and other places. Several still exist inside cabinet doors.

Two familiar phrases still resonate today, “make it a great day,” and “know you are loved.”

Anyone can “have” a great day. The determining factor is whether or not you make it so. That’s the attitude versus the passiveness.

As a kid, Mother always insisted we do our best. Nothing else was expected: straight As, home runs (thank God), touchdowns, 2nd place in a music contests, etc.. They were great if they happened, but when they didn’t Mother always asked, “but did you do your best?”

That’s what mattered.

In my bedroom at 825 Main Street in Elwood, Indiana hung a plaque Mother gave me, which read, “it doesn’t matter how many storms you weathered; but did you bring in the ship?” Did you do your best?

In my children’s Living Bible, Mother wrote the quote, “in order to achieve the highest good of true man and womanhood, simply do your honest best and God, with joy, will do the rest.” If you do your best there just might be something added you did not expect. Ah, yes. Karma.

I guess Mother started this business of motivational quotes appearing, and I’ve carried on the tradition.

Whatever you do, “make it a great day.”

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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