MIAGD: Learning More Perspective…

MIAGD: Make it a great day

The past 48 hours have been interesting, fun-filled, and quite soul-defining.

The van has completely died.  Despite the fact it was sold to me under the guise of the engine having been fully overhauled, and continually cost me a small fortune, it led a fantastic life, carried us to many fun places, and on some nifty adventures, and accomplished much from PVC transport to basic run-of-the-mill daily needs.

Thursday, my phone was stolen while waiting for an RTA bus.  My new iPhone arrives tomorrow morning (Monday, July 31).

It’s been interesting adjusting to, and readapting life.  But what’s been most interesting are my observations, and renewed appreciation for various aspects of life.

I definitely feel European by walking more, and using the fantastic services of Dayton’s Regional Transit Authority (RTA).   First of all, Griffith, while often taking the bus to and from musical rehearsals, used a dandy little iPhone app called, “Transit.”

It’s genius, and time management friendly.

Mostly, I love the relaxing feeling of having nothing to do but sit, and allow someone else to transport me to my next destination.  Sometimes, I search for new things on the other side of the tinted glass.  I’ve discovered all sorts of different stores/businesses, a small park just north of Miami Valley Hospital, and the best search: exploring my inner self, and enjoying the quiet within.

What am I learning most:

  • I am more organized when shopping because I can’t just hop back in the van to retrieve my missed item
  • My desire to retreat from crowds, my very introverted self, is forced right into the fray of human activity
  • I am exercising more and already feeling the benefits of being active

Life without my iPhone has been challenging, but I’ve adapted.  Yes, I am eager to hold my new phone in my paw, but there’s been a refreshing sense of freedom by not being so connected to the world.  It’s kind of like life was when we only had computers, and no handy-dandy cell phones to do all our bidding.

I work, and play from my phone, and recently, after learning some new tricks and techniques, have enjoyed taking tons of photos with my phone.  Most of my business is conducted via Siri (I loathe typing), and with immediate access, I was more in touch with the world around me.

I have actually survived, and have, in a small way, appreciated the freedom.  However, Google search is MY BEST FRIEND.  I love learning, and am fascinated by having knowledge and information at my fingertips.

I was fortunate to know all but two of my great-grandparents, and most of their siblings. I was enthralled by their stories of the late 1800s, and for many of them, stories of their parents and grandparents who settled a large portion of Madison County, Indiana.  They had no telephones/cell phones, nor automobiles.  The market? Pretty much everything they ate, or made, was from what they grew or constructed at the farm.

The past few days, I’ve been made more aware of the “must haves” and the “really?”




Yes…. ATTITUDE!  It’s everything!

And, can we just say, “A new member of the family added tons of fun to this weekend!”

Make it a great day, Folks!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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