MIAGD: 48 hours…. A Report Card

MIAGD: Make it a great day

Oh, how miserable I should be….

But, it’s all life.  Bumps. Blessings.

Enterprise Car Rental @ Loop Road = D-, you don’t just give my points away.

Enterprise Car Rental Agent at Corporate = A+, and thank you for encouraging the Loop Road agent for calling me to offer an apology.

Enterprise Car Rental @ Dayton International Airport = D-, had my phone not been stolen, I could have pulled up the reservation that said Debit Cards ARE taken by your location.

Enterprise Car Rental Agent at Corporate = A+, and thank you for making DIA agent for calling me to offer an apology.

Person who stole my iPhone from my back pocket = F- U- and Happy Hell Hunting.

Six hour seating at Dayton International Airport = B+ and, well, at least I didn’t get bumped, and no one dragged me out or made me move because seating had been overbooked by the luggage carousel.  It was heartwarming to watch arrivals greeted with hugs, and tears, as well as observing those who were seeing loved ones off… since childhood, airports tip the tear scale, as I always relate them to bidding farewell to my Uncle Ron when he would return to Norfolk where he served in the USNavy; I hated those moments with all my heart, and now, it’s hard to see Josh return to Los Angeles…

RTA Agent who assisted me Thursday afternoon with iPhone = A+

RTA Agent who assisted me Friday morning with iPhone = F, I’m sorry I am not the same skin tone, and race as you; I should never have been treated dismissively, nor should I ever have been interrupted with my issue so you could assist a fellow black man.

Not cool.

Man who, while I was taking photographs of Dayton architecture, looked to where my camera was pointed… “Man, I’ve walked down this street for sixty-plus years, and I’ve never ever noticed the beautiful carvings.”  He walked with me for about 20 minutes, discussing some of the architecture, and didn’t ask me for a cigarette, or money = A+, as well as a UN for unfinished: continue to explore the beautiful architecture that surrounds you throughout Dayton.

Griffith = A+++ for rescuing a TINY kitten, acting responsibly by taking it to SICSA, and checking the appropriate route for fostering or adoption, and making the decision that we are its family; and for thanking me by saying, “Thank you for making me feel safe, here. I guess that’s what our family is all about. Right?”


And, welcome to The Haasienda, Flanagan/Flan, named in honor of Father Flanagan, who in 1917, took in several orphaned boys, thus the origins of Boys Town, USA.

To the Sprint Chat Agent = A+ for walking me through the “stolen phone” reporting process, and for using layman’s terms for this middle aged man.

To the Korean War Vet who leaned across to our table during dinner, and said, “I applaud you as a parent. You are having a meal with your son and neither of you have phones out. It’s delightful to see laughter and hear interesting discussion between a father and his teen son.”  Ok, he gets an A+++++ just for being a Koran Veteran; now, he did not know that I was without a phone, and that Griffith left his at home, but we do not have phones at the table unless our discussion prompts one of us to look up something we are discussing.

We wrapped up the day with dinner, and the movie, BABY BOSS, and have returned to a nice, cool-breezy evening, feeling the love of three dogs and two cats.

The bumps will be there, now and then.

The blessings are often hiding just behind the bumps to jump out and yell, “Surprise!  We’ve been waiting for you.”

Make it a great day!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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