MIAGD: The backside

MIAGD: Make it a great day

When I was a little boy, my grandmother had the most beautiful flower garden in her backyard. I wish there were existing photographs to document her work, and devotion to this natural artistry.

She had a batch of pretty yellow flowers, the name I can never remember. What I remember most is how they always faced the sun, following it on it's daily journey.

One late afternoon, the little flowers were facing west, clinging to the yellow glob in the sky. I complained that I didn't like looking at the flowers' backsides.

Grandma Donna took me by the hand, and we waded into the sea of floral beauty. I don't exactly remember what she pointed out on the backside of those pretty yellow flowers, but she was quite certain that I should always look for beauty all around and not just in the front, or at the face.

"Sometimes we have to fill in the colors, ourselves, so we can find the beauty."

I've always tried to apply this advice with everything, though I'm not always successful.

My sons have always teased me taking photos of obscure things, especially of architecture, but sometimes, beautiful items are not readily available to our eyes.

People, especially, can possess a quiet, unassuming beauty. Sometimes, we just have to look for it.

Make it a great day, Folks!

Grandma Donna…

Nearly fifty years later, your gentle, loving lessons still reach out to hold my hand….

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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