MIAGD: Creative Parenting

MIAGD: Make it a great day!

When I begin adopting my sons, I knew I wanted to make their experience, and my experience, even when not so well received, memorable.  I try my best to be a creative teacher, so why not buy into the concept of creative parenting?

My colleagues in the parenting-trenches often used the word, “discipline.”  That word simply means “to teach,” or “to learn” as with a disciple/student.  Now, the foster/adoption world is barbed by the phrase, “managing behaviors.”

Cute, but clinical, and dull. 

I try to avoid commonly used words, or phrases, that have negative connotations.  For instance, rather than saying “I love your attitude,” I will substitute, “I love your passion.” When I was young, if you had attitude, that was a damn good thing.  Now, we recognize someone with attitude as something negative. 

I have lately been leading the charge using these words, and redefining them for this new generation. I do love the word, attitude! For me, personally, ATTITUDE encompasses everythinG. 

Creative parenting has been a fantastic tool for teaching, and learning with a positive, even sometimes witty, atmosphere.  The learning component has not only been an avenue for my sons, but for me, as well.  All too often, we parents stand in the middle of life’s chaos watching our children grow, sometimes not immediately recognizing how much they’ve grown, but grossly forgetting that we parents are growing, too.

What I love most about creative parenting is when I can simply leave things on life’s counter to have the child make the choice, and go from there. It goes back to my love and admiration for process oriented teaching.

Each son has had an amazing effect on me, and even more so, on my parenting styles, and technique.  

My newest, and youngest son, now 18 years old, prefers notes to remind him of things.  

Great!  I love notes or outlines to keep me organized.

Every day, we have “The Haasienda Daily Briefs” which keeps the two of us on schedule, and on task.  When I’m trying to make a point, I try to find a creative, with a way of getting the point across. Sometimes I’m successful, and sometimes a bomb. But, oh what fun I have learning from successing and bombing. 

Here are a few reminders for Griffith’s Saturday morning:


About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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