MIAGD: Put On Your Sunday Clothes…

MIAGD: Make It A Great Day

“Put on your Sunday clothes when you feel down and out!  Strut down the street and have your picture took, dressed like a dream, your spirits seem to turn about:  that Sunday shine is a certain sign that you feel as fine as you look!”  Jerry Herman, HELLO, DOLLY!

I am not a big jazzer, but today has been a day filled with a ton of improvisation. 

  1. Foot caught in cover, but the spare twin bed broke my fall: still smiling and laughing – I could have fallen and hit the wood floor
  2. Internet down for the umpteenth time: still laughing and smiling – it’s tiring, but I reset the modem and TWC/Spectrum will soon be history
  3. Forgot to put away leftovers from last night: pissed, but still smiling and laughing – there’s till more food in the house
  4. A student in the cast with Griffith handed him an envelope with a lesson invoice payment; Griffith didn’t pay attention and ripped it in half: still smiling and laughing – I’ve ripped things, myself, and have taped checks before making a deposit 
  5. Trouble getting email to work on Griffith’s new phone: still smiling and laughing – it works now
  6. No success in trying to figure out the ice maker producing yucky looking ice cubes: still smiling and laughing – I’ve been using ice trays for several years, and a number of Facebook friends responded to my post 
  7. Moved my wonderful steamer (crock pot and rice steamer) over to the right side of the stove to use the left side, and proceeded to turn on the right side’s back burner; nasty smell, and stayed clear of the very liquidy melted plastic bottom pouring onto the stove top; and it was an easy to clean mess (first score of the day!): pissed, but still smiling and laughing
  8. Went to move a large plastic fan in the basement, and the front fell off; I went to catch it, and the plastic blades caught two fingers on the left hand…. turpentine, antibacterial ointment, and bandaides: still smiling and laughing – I still have my fingers intact 
  9. We discovered Neko missing around 11:00 AM; searched, posted on Facebook; friends assisted: still smiling and laughing *
  10. The wind pulled down some strip of wood or covering from beneath the eaves: still smiling and laughing – we still have the roof **  
  11. The door lock piece for the washer door was due Saturday; was notified that because of the holiday, it would arrive Wednesday or Thursday: still smiling and laughing ***
  12. The van is still not behaving correctly: still smiling and laughing – we live on a major bus line that drops Griffith off right outside Epiphany Lutheran Church for his rehearsals; this bus line, +2 other bus lines within walking distance get us to where we need to go; and, I’ve gotten to meet some folks while waiting on the bus I’d probably never ever get to meet in other areas of my life
  13. Several weeks ago, Griffith pointed out a small spot on his ceiling that appeared after about four days of rain; today, I discovered it had grown quite a bit more: still smiling and laughing – again, we still have a roof ** 
  14. Just as I was planning to call Mother, the neighbor begin mowing his yard: still smiling and laughing – I will call her later in the afternoon

Days like these challenge my inner balance, and humor, but I cannot complain one damn bit.  And these are such small things in life.  

* Neko was discovered, several hours later, sleeping in the corner of the backyard where the grass is extra comfy, and the shade quite cool. 

He’s spent the remainder of the day in similar relaxed repose….

** The construction guy, Rick, is coming to the rescue: piece of wood from the eave; the issue with Griffith’s ceiling; the refrigerator’s ice thing; putting up the light/ceiling fan in my study (I bought it two or three years ago); and checking into adding some outdoor electrical outlets in the front and back. 
***  While I was quickly searching for faster delivery options (washer door lock), prepared to pocket over additional funds for overnight express, the online company from which I ordered the part sent me an email stating they had overnighted it, at no additional expense to me, and it should arrive by noon, Monday, July 3.  They will continue to receive my business!

Keep smiling. 

Keep laughing. 

And whatever you do, always make it a great day.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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