MY DAY: Carpe diem with improv

Improv and inspiration rounded out Friday.  

We began the day early with appointments, and some errands.  I worked from the deck the remainder of the day, and when I felt the need to prep my strawberry pancakes, the deck was the place. 

With sodas and snacks in a small cooler, we hit one of Dayton’s best kept secrets, and gems, The Black Box Improv Theatre.

Griff and I attended a show last Thursday, and he loved it. When he asked if we could go see the improv-musical, the tickets were promptly ordered.

Justin Howard is genius.  He’s the Walt Disney of creativity, the Robin Williams of comedy, and the Seth MacFarlane of cleverness all rolled into one dynamo of physical energy. 

I always love watching true masters at work, and at Dayton’s own Black Box Imrov Theatre, I am invigorated by the enormous talent engaging on the small stage. The stage is large enough for their improvised staging, but not nearly capable of measuring up for the overabundant collaborative talent, and artistry. 

Griffith is absolutely enamored with BBIT. In fact, all the way home it was, “Ok, give me another word.”  Upon receipt of my word choice, he’d launch into a song just as the improv players did. The more I learn about this newest son, the more impressed I am with the talents boiling and bubbling within him. 

Back at The Haasienda there was a good deal of wiggling and excitement. Not just from the three dogs, but from me, as well… I had to pee. 

On the deck, Griff requested we watch DEAD POETS SOCIETY.  It was already after midnight and I was beginning to lose my fourth-wind.  However, I’ve always refused to accept being busy, or tired, when one of my sons initiate spending time with me. 

This movie, while tragic in the end, is so inspiring.  
One of the neatest moments came toward the end when Griff nudged my leg with his foot, and said “Robin Williams’ character reminds me a lot of you when you’re teaching.”

Damn!  I will accept, bow, and give an acceptance speech for that compliment promoted by a 17 year old.  And, what is more, he was sincere. 

So, having been inspired by two great pieces of art, all in one evening, I am seizing my day by taking a nap at 10:35 AM!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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