MY DAY:  A very Hoosier August

Every August, my thoughts, and heart,  always return to my hometown, Elwood Indiana, the home of Wendell L. WillkieRed Gold, and St. Clair Glass

A small rural town right in the heart of Hoosierland, Elwood has held its place in history, agriculture, and productivity.  Once a nationally known community boasting a successful, but short lived gas boom, Elwood maintained its foundation, and integrity through the tenacity and generosity of its citizens who’ve never wavered in their belief of its people. 

I’m always proud of my hometown, and it’s resilience from disasters, political corruption, economic decline, and wading the typical ebb and flow of life.  I suppose Elwood is not any different from other small towns throughout the country, but it’s my hometown. 

1940 GOP presidential candidate, Wendell L. Willkie, is one of my heroes.  August 17, 1940, Willkie returned to Elwood to accept his candidacy for president.  That day is still known as the lengendary, Willkie Day. 

I have several hand blown glass pieces throughout my home, and often give hometown glass pieces as special gifts. Elwood celebrates this art with The Glass Festival every August. 

And, Red Gold products are my only tomato-based purchases.  I have no idea how Red Gold stands up to other national brands, but it matters not.  It’s from Elwood, Indiana!  Even Kings Island is a proud carrier of Red Gold’s products.  For a number of years, Elwood was the tomato capital of the world and celebrated every August with The Tomato Festival. 

About this time each August, the delicious smell of spices being added into the products wafts across the town.  Unless you’ve experienced this delightful, comforting sensation, it’s truly hard to describe. 

Elwood, Indiana: gas, class, and glass!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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