MIAGD: Go easy on your self

MIAGD: make it a great day

Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves. I know I am.

I can be patient with the entire world, but I have a severe lack of patience with myself.

This adoption placement, though strenuous in many ways, is forcing me to go easier on my self.  My own personally prescribed expectations are not lowered, but I am learning that, as people tend to say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

The entire house looks like a fraternity house Sunday morning after homecoming. There are no beer cans littering the lawn, or empty kegs stacked in the driveway to be redelivered, but my orderly, neat home is a jumble of stuff.

And, I’m OK with it. 

I’ve going to sleep, several nights, not worried about how the house looks. I know it will get done. I also comprehend that my students and families understand. But those who know me, know this is a severe test.

And, i’m OK with it.

Last night, when we could’ve grabbed an hour to get a little more settled, I took G to explore one of the popular landmarks at 10 PM last night. We returned home, grab some food, and set on the deck watching videos, laughing, chatting a bit, playing with the dogs, and just enjoying one another’s company. 

The last time I remember looking up at my clock, it said 1:30 AM. At 4 AM, I looked up to find G standing over me.  I had fallen asleep in my chase lounge, and he didn’t want to go to sleep until he knew I was safe inside. But, he said he also wanted me to get my rest.

And, I did.  

I had slept soundly on the deck, trotted upstairs with the dogs at 4 AM, and immediately found sleep, not waking until 8:45 AM.  Even three pooches allowed me to sleep. Fortunately, my 9 AM lesson and 10 AM lesson, both an hour long, are on vacation this week.

Sometimes, we just have to take it easy on ourselves.  

As a single dad, I learned to readjust my workaholic lifestyle, taking every opportunity to spend time with my sons. After they were asleep, I worked even harder to catch up on things.

Yes there will be deadlines to meet, and so many other things to accomplish, but, for us parents, if we don’t take it easy on ourselves we will miss so many opportunities with our children. Since my sons come to me nearly full grown, I can’t afford to waste a minute.

While you are learning how to take it easy on yourself, don’t forget to make it a great day.

My morning visitor, Mr. Cardinal

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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