MIAGD: make it a great day

Just swing!  Don’t stand there doing nothing: SWING!  Even if you miss, swing!

I use a lot of baseball analogies in teaching. I played baseball as a kid, and it’s really the only sport I know. I enjoy watching soccer, but that’s about it.

Thursday morning, a student’s family offered me several tickets for the Dayton Dragons baseball game later that evening.  I grabbed two recent post grads, one of whom is a fantastic baseball player. We had a blast!

I love seeing a batter get a hit off of the pitch, but I still love the ones where the batter takes a swing, and misses.

Even if it’s a miss, becoming s strike, it still shows that the individual tried.

These were my mental notes from last night:

Keep your eye on the ball

Just swing

Run fast, run hard

Be aware of your surroundings

Be careful how far away you get from the base, but never be afraid to try to steal to the other base

Sometimes you have to go headfirst, sometimes you have to slide

You don’t always have to sit with the crowd

Be positive – always

Sometimes you must sit on the sides, sometimes you have the focus while standing on the mound – love both

Whatever you do, keep swinging, and make it a great day!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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