MY DAY: Tired of the chatter

I have grown weary of the constant current event chatter. 

I was trying to watch a live interview at The National Archives on a new exposition on The Fifteenth Amendment. Since I’d arrived several minutes after the interview’s start, I scrolled through some of the comments hoping to find out information.  

The comments absolutely nothing pertinent to the interview, nor the subject matter. 

The gathered morons were arguing about politics, shootings, Emailgate, Benghazi, and everything but the topic.
One of my Facebook rules: no discussion of politics unless it is connected with previous political history. If Facebook friends began chanting negative comments, the comments were deleted. They are not welcome. Earlier this week, I just missed three Facebook friends due to their refusal to stand on their politically barbed comments.

I was a member of a group that was celebrating the history and community of the town in which I was born and raised. Sadly, there were some incessant crazies who insisted on verbally bludgeoning anyone who had differing opinions. 

Several of these individuals, also friends on Facebook, began seiging a great amount of my posts on history, and used them to serve their current political foundations, swerving way off topic only to attack current political candidates of 2008.

After fair warning, I finally unfriended these individuals. In fact, one happened to be a cousin who always felt compelled to criticize me, both publicly or privately.

I am not denying, nor ignoring the grim atmosphere gripping our nation, and our world.  I am simply taking a step back from these traumatic times to keep my own wits, and understanding. 

Folks, for the past several years, have used social media in a disgusting regard as to what it could be. For me, personally, social media is a place to stay in touch with family and friends, to learn, to share ideas, to explore, and to laugh. 

For others, social media is nothing more than a bully pulpit, and a place to attack others, and express their hate. 

My patience is often challenged by those who interfere with interesting social media moments by inserting their anger, sheer stupidity, and inability to hold a mature, sensible discussion.

Yes, there are some days when many people truly suck, and challenge my optimistic nature.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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