MY DAY: Archie Bunker

As a kid, I hated being asked by my grandfather to please change the channel on the television set.  At that time, it was commonplace for a child to be that human remote control; however, that was not the reason I detested changing the channel. 

It usually meant we were all being forced to watch HEE HAW or ALL IN THE FAMILY. 

I could barely tolerate site of the Bunker home, Edith’s shrill, irritating voice, and Archie was the most obnoxious person. Gloria, played by actress sally Struthers, was like a drill through the skull. 

A few years ago, a rerun of the show was on, and I was too lazy to pick up the remote control to change the channel.  For some reason, Archie, played by the phenomenal actor, Carol O’Connor, was actually quite funny.  I don’t always appreciated Jean Stapleton’s work as an actress, and suddenly, I found her role as eta to be masterful.

Apparently, I had hit an ALL IN THE FAKILY marathon.  I watched over a dozen episodes.  I was mesmerized by the talents of Carol O’Connor and Jean Stapleton.  Brilliant.

ALL IN THE FAMILY is shown daily around my lunch hour.  This afternoon, I am on my third episode of the day, and I am still reeling from the first one.

The screenwriters responsible for Archie’s lines must be some of the most incredible writers on the planet.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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