MY DAY: 8 hours of social studies 

It was a humid, event-filled Saturday, and so enjoyable!

One of my 7th grade piano/saxophone students, Ian, who hopes to one day play in the Carillon Park Band (originally the NCR Band founded by Clark Haines, and now under the direction of Mike Berning), was interested in hearing their concert at Carillon Park’s Railfest.  Instead, Ian joined me for the entire day.  

10:45 AM – Eastwood Metro Park for the Dayton Rowing Club’s event that took people out rowing on the lake.  An Olympic athlete, training in Kettering, gave an interesting, and insightful presentation about the life of an Olympic athlete in training. 

We attempted to grab the powwow at Sunwatch Indian Village, but the line was enormously long, winding through the parking lot. 

1:00 PM – Carillon Park Railfest and concert.  I love toy/miniature trains, and this was such a cool event.  

The Carillon Park Concert Band provided an enjoyable 2:00 PM concert, and it was great to visit with Ball State college friends, Linda and Dave Lewis, and their son, Chet; Lucy and Greg Kramer; Tim and Jennifer Stamper, Gwen, Zach, and Juliette, and Jennifer’s brothers and spouses; Bryan and Melissa Suddith, and Caleb. 

Students Ian & Gwen

Gwen’s aunts, Gwen, Jennifer

Caleb Suddith playing trumpet

After the concert, we decided to give The Powwow at Sunwatch another shot. Yay!  No line.  Ian had been on a school field trip, and was extremely knowledgable, and engaged the one guide, stationed inside the community building, in some informative conversation.  

By 4:30 PM, the humidity was uncomfortable, but manageable.  We sat beneath the shaded arbor that forms a semicircle, enjoying the ritual dances.  

We took in some fry bread, and took our leave during the dinner break. 

Since we were not too far, I showed Ian the Wright Brothers’ neighborhood off East Third: the site of their home, the cycle shop, site of Orville’s laboratory, and then to Woodland Cemetery to show him where the Wrights are buried.  

On the return home, I calculated we’d been on the go for eight hours.  Ian said, “Eight hours is just like school.  An entire school day of social studies with Darin.”

The kid is correct…. 

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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