MY DAY: In a glimpse….


Seldom do I cry, but tonight, it could not be helped upon learning such a lovely man, Dan Clark, had departed this human-life.

Only weeks ago, Dan retired from Wright Patterson Air Force Base, ready to join his beautiful wife, Candy, already a retired art teacher from Fairmont High School, on many new adventures.  There were baby grandsons to love on, and show choir contests to cheer.

Dan was sick but a short time, but even throughout these past few days of knowing the end was nearing, it still feels like a glimpse

As my years advance, I am acutely aware of glimpses: children grow, graduate, go to college, marry, raise children of their own…  beloved grandparents and uncles leave us…  family and friends move on in every conceivable way…. pets grow up, and romp over to Rainbow Bridge…

I am not surprised by these natural, circle-of-life-glimpses, but I am made more aware the second hand of life’s clock continues without fail, never allowing us to set back the time as we Midwesterners get to do each Autumn to adjust for Daylight Savings Time.  Still, with the recaptured hour, we are not afforded the recapturing of lost loved ones, or other life-glimpses….

There are times when life does seem a bit unfair, but there are always reasons, and always lessons in this process.  So, be it.

Glimpses…  don’t let any ever slip by…


Dan & Candy Clark

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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