MY DAY: My friend, Sue

This is not any simple hair-tie or ponytail tie: this is a dastardly tool used in the construction of a device used to project water onto an unsuspecting victim.  
Ahhhh…. The great joy and humor Sue Branson, a student, and dear friend, who has delivered numerous moments of creative hilarity to my home!

Quite often, Sue and I will have a cup of tea, and chat, before her lesson.

Yesterday, at the end of her lesson, she took her tea cup into my kitchen, and I noticed she was taking a little more time than this typical weekly ritual of delivering the tea cup to the kitchen.

After she left, I quickly checked the typical areas of target for this science teacher-prankster: No dry ice flowing out of my toilet – check; no chicken feet from a classroom dissection project on my car’s windshield – check; no tin cans tied to the front of the car – check; no snap pop things (typically sold around July 4th) under the toilet seat, tied to cabinets, etc. – check; no little tiny, tiny devices that make a frequent, random beep to drive one crazy for several days – check; no molten snake skins in my napkin basket – check; and the list continues.

Last night after teaching, I picked up my neighbor from baseball practice. Before delivering him home, we went to Wendy’s. Therefore, I only passed through the kitchen.

This morning, however, I went to fill my coffee maker, and as I raised the faucet handle, a steam of water shot past me, missing me but alarming me! I thought my faucet fallen apart!

Good one, Sue!

For future reference: when attempting this prank, you need to adjust the sprayer’s hose a bit so that it will aim directly at the person. I learned this when the sons were home.

Oh! And if you unscrew the nozzle of the sprayer and fill it with Kool Aide or cocoa powder, and then reattach, some pretty fun results. Yeh, so what if I had to go buy a son a new white dress shirt for concert band; it was so totally worth it to see the huge purple blast on him!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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