MY DAY: Whacky Wednesday Wake-Up

Right now, the deck is the most wonderful place to be. However, by noon, the afternoons misery of heat and high humidity will begin to take affect.  

Twenty minutes ago, the deck was NOT my “happy place.”

I could not get to sleep last night, and it was after 2 AM that I finally dozed off, only to wake again at 3:15 AM because the dogs heard something and reacted.
I ignored the “Franklin & Eleanor” theme (from the 1970’s movie) this morning, opting to sleep until 8:30 AM. Because I made the mistake of rolling over to check the clock a few minutes before 8 AM, the three for balls kicked into action. I held them at bay, with attempted additional slumber, until 8:26 AM.
Breakfast for the dogs, coffee for the dad.

We four moved to the deck at 8:42 AM to discover a squirrel was hanging out on the inside of the tent.  

That melee of ferocious activity was not how I wished to begin this day.  
After tons of debating, and hiding out in the Rose of Sharon, the squirrel finally made it to the yard with all three of my tigers within inches of capturing him. He barely made it to the 8 foot chain-link fence for his final escape. 
Harrigan scaled the newly constructed fences and chicken wire, surrounding the hostas and other new plants, to pursue the rascally squirrel. A colorful litany of words spewed from my mouth, demanding she remove herself at once, and even more followed as she dove under the chickenwire enclosure, pulling up some stakes.  
Yes, Harrigan did as I asked, but not with my anticipated results.
It was then I noticed four freshly washed bath towels in the yard, covered in mud and dirt. I completed a load of towels, yesterday, and had them drying on my deck’s clothesline.  
Chief has already had two major episodes of wanting to rid passing dogs from Shroyer Road.  
At 8:57 AM, Bailey is the only one of my three who’s not taken advantage of my very unusual less than happy mood.  
The beauty of this morning’s glow, the cool, gentle breeze conducting four sets of wind chimes to create a peaceful, unscored sonata, and accompaniment of nature, is the perfect salve for my tired body, and cranky attitude.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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