MY DAY: Soccer to Seniors

My Saturday began around 8:00 AM with Harrigan nibbling on my ear.  I finally gave in to her nudging.

While eating breakfast on the deck, I spied something white in the yard.  Upon closer investigation I discovered it was a pair of my underwear!  When I picked them up and turned to look toward the deck, Bailey immediately darted behind Chief, peeking around him to check my mood.  When I arrived at the steps of the deck, I asked who had taken my underwear out into the yard.  Bailey promptly came forward, and gave me the business!

By Noon I was at Alter High School’s soccer stadium to watch my freshman voice student, Jack, in a scrimmage.  

What fun this was!  Something completely different, and quite enjoyable.  I was pretty pleased with the results of my action photography.

Alter HS Men’s Junior Varsity Soccer
By 2:30 PM, I was home long enough to grab a second shower, play with the dogs, download the soccer game photos, take a nap, and head off to the first senior portrait shoot for the afternoon.

We finished just as the clouds were beginning to share some of their moisture.   After I stepped into the house, the deluge again.

I grabbed a third shower, a second nap, a quick bite to eat, fed the dogs, and hurried off to Cox Arboretum for my second senior photo shoot of the day. 
By 9 PM, I was back inside my house. Dinner, a fourth shower,and now some quiet time on the deck with Chief resting at my side, and Thelma and Louise tackling each other in the yard.

Sleep is quickly owning me.




About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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