MY DAY: Kettering Waste Management… What a waste!

Garbage_BagsI’ve lived here on Shroyer Road since July 2002.  In those 13 years, Waste Management has missed my collection 48 times.

In 2003 (I’ve kept the emails), after countless discussions with WM’s people, I contacted Channel 2’s “Turn To 2.”  Within an hour, a representative from WM and an assistant city manager were on my front porch, apologizing profusely.  They explained that, due to me being the only house on this brief section of Shroyer – sandwiched between Rockhill Avenue and Shroyer Road, it was difficult for the workers to remember.

“But, it’s not difficult for you to accept my payment each month?”

That was a way to shut down officials!  They had nothing, whatsoever, to say, except, “We’ll work on this.”

I’ve recorded every missed collection.  I follow the shifted dates due to holidays, and I have observed all their rules and regulations.  I even pushed my container, faithfully, down a ways so they men would see it.

September 2013, I discovered my business checking account had been hacked by someone in a Walgreen’s store outside of Chicago.  $1800.  My bank worked quickly in resolving the issue, and all was well.  I sat down on afternoon and changed my account information on my utilities for which I have set on autopay.

I missed Waste Management.  (Keep in mind, this is the end of September 2013).

April 2014, the WM collectors dropped my container, and broke the lid.  I contacted WM for a replacement, and was told my account was suspended for non-payment in October 2013.

Why wasn’t I notified?  No explanation.

They would not replace the container until I forked over $79.  Their dialog was much like I was negligent, idiotic, and incapable of managing my affairs, and my reasoning -a hacked account – did not matter, as the one associate said, “We receive those type of excuses all the time!”

Last straw!  I burrowed in, and refused to pay the $79.  My waste, however, was still collected, and they continued taking quarterly invoice amounts from my checking.

The new 2nd containers with the yellow caps arrived.  These new containers are for recyclables.

In mid-July, I finally reconciled that I was an all too small David up against the all powerful, bullying Goliath.  I paid the $79.

I waited a few days, and requested a new container.

Nope.  “Your account was suspended for non-payment back in June 2015.”  If I wanted a new container, I needed to call their number provided.

I let them have it with both barrels, recounting the history of their negligence – 48 times,  requesting a visit from one of their representatives before contacting the media, and an explanation why I was not notified.

Their associate, Erin from Michigan, replied with:

We did attempt to notify you of this via automated phone message. The number we have on file for you 937-***-****. Do we need to update this phone number? Please understand that the automated message system will not deliver to cell phones, or any number that has been added to the National Do Not Call Registry. That being said, what is the best contact telephone number for you?

Sunday, I prepared all the information over the past 13 years, compiled it into a letter, and sent it to Congressman Mike Turner’s office.  The gentleman was amazing in how he handled the IRS who would not accept the fact my son from New Mexico had been living with me, and still not in New Mexico – two years in a row!

Last night, I sat out my two containers – THREE FEET APART per their request. Actually, they were more like six feet apart.

This morning, I was spraying weeds, and the non-recycle team came up.  The guy shouted to me that they could not collect my waste because the containers were too close.  The recycling container team had already been through, emptied my recyclables, and SET THE CONTAINER IMMEDIATELY NEXT TO THE BROKEN CONTAINER WITH NO LID!

When I pointed out how their team had erred in this matter, I was told I needed to always check for these things.

I kept my mouth shut, because I knew jail time would have probably been in order with the verbal response that ran through my mind.  Despite one’s intelligence level, it is still not kind to throw it in their face.

Some folks are joining the war against Planned Parenthood.  Mine is against the bullying corporation: Waste Management.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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