MY DAY: Marching band season begins….

I am sure some folks would find my home’s location, immediately next door to a major southwestern Ohio high school, to be too noisy, too busy, and too annoying.

For me, it is absolutely wonderful!

When I first moved here 13 years ago, it was all about location for my private teaching from home, and my sons getting to and from school, and extracurricular events with ease.  Since all the boys were involved in choir, show choir, musicals, concert bands, marching band, and winter percussion, I could not have picked a better location.

The high school’s campus is quite extensive in property, stretching from Shroyer Road, where I reside, to nearly a half mile to the west where it is bordered by Far Hills Avenue.

Right now, at 9:30 AM, I am sitting on my deck enjoying a beautiful Thursday morning in mid-late July.  On the western side of the school’s backfield, overlooking Far Hills Avenue, the marching band is practicing.  I can hear one of the director’s amplified voice, as well as the metallic beat of the marching metronome.  Just a few hundred yards south, and to my left, the marching band’s front percussion ensemble, consisting of xylophones, marimbas, electric keyboards, and other auxiliary percussion instruments, rehearses in front of the high school.

Several times throughout the day, cross country runners, and other athletes pass in front of the house, or turn at the parking lot that borders our property.  In a few weeks, even more activities will commence nearing the start of a new school year.

In some ways, I do hate the beginning of marching band season because it signals summer nearing its end. However, nothing beats the energy, the excitement, and the thrill of experiencing music education in my own backyard, as well as inside my house.

“Isn’t all that noise distracting or annoying?”

Not at all!  It’s some of the greatest sound to my ears!

Support music education in our schools, and cheer on your own local marching bands at football games, and attend a marching band contest in your area!

Photographs of The 2014 marching season featuring Ohio marching bands from Fairmont high school in Kettering, Centerville high school in Centerville, and Beavercreek high school in Beavercreek.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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