MY DAY: Grandma Donna’s Chicken McNuggets

 My grandmother, Donna Clary Barmes, would’ve been 91 years old today. I am sure one of the first things she did upon reaching heaven in 1992 was to locate the nearest McDonald’s so she could continue to have her chicken McNuggets which she dearly loved.

This morning, my brother, Destin, left a message on my phone recounting one of Grandma Donna’s chicken McNuggets stories.  I am sure there are several hilarious stories of Grandma and her chicken McNuggets.

 One of my favorite stories involved the McDonald’s in Anderson Indiana which was located right next to another fast food restaurant chain, which I’m thinking was Wendy’s. The entrance/exit ways were right next to each other.

One day, Grandma decided she wanted some chicken McNuggets for lunch. She turned into the fast food drive, but she was not in McDonald’s drive-through. She pulled up to the drive-thru’s speaker and did not even hear the associate say, “Welcome to Wendy’s.”

Grandma attempted to order her 10 piece chicken McNuggets. The associate kindly pointed out that the chicken McNuggets were next-door. Grandma went ahead and placed an order for something like small french fries.

The next day, Grandma Donna was in Anderson, again, and determinedly said “I’m going to get my chicken McNuggets today!”

Once again, she turned into the wrong drive-thru lane.  At the speaker box, she was actually paying attention to the greeting: “Welcome to when days. May I take your order?”

Realizing her repeated mistake, she’s very sweetly, and matter-of-factly said, “Oh, I don’t believe I’ll have anything today.”

With that, she pulled away from the speaker box and drove right over to McDonald’s.

She got her chicken McNuggets!

iss you, Grandma Donna…..  Know you are still loved….

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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