MY DAY: Over to Indiana

After some very minor delays, I finally made it to I 70 x 9 40 5 AM.

The fog has finally lifted along interstate 70 west, and the sun has finally made its debut across the Hoosier fields. It’s very frustrating to be driving when there are so many photographs I could be taking of the beautiful autumn colors that are just getting underway. Though the Midwestern seasons and weather can be a pill, at times, there is always an undeniable beauty about the landscapes.

My iPhone has played a YouTube video, a 2014 documentary on the Watergate scandal. this is one of my favorite benefits enabled by technology. Listening to a movie or documentary is a fine way to pass the time while driving alone.

This most recent documentary has unearthed several new documents, but nothing too surprising. It does appear Pres. Nixon New about the break-in at the Democratic headquarters, located inside the Watergate offices, a bit earlier then the smoking gun tape revealed.

The past several days I’ve watched several documentaries on the Watergate scandal. It is been very interesting to see so many of the participants 40 years later. I still clearly remember watching Pres. Nixon’s White House Council, John Dean, testifying, as well as Jeb MacGruder, and so many of the others.

It is 11 AM, and my initial ETA was 12:30 PM. I am still about 25 miles east of Indianapolis. It appears mother and I will have a slightly later lunch.

It’s nice to see the familiar Hoosier sides with which I’ve been familiar for 50 years.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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