MY DAY: Liminality

LIMINALITY is my new word for the day, introduced to me, and the entire congregation, of North Bend United Methodist Church by Alice Kay Hoover.

Liminality is from the Latin word limen, meaning “threshold.”

DSC07480I love this word.  Alice’s description of the word, and how it is operating in her life, was captivating.  I realized that I, too, am at the threshold of something… I just do not know what, yet.

Thus began my day… my second, and probably, my last visit to North Bend United Methodist Church for a service.  A year ago this July, I attended the combined church service and wedding of Alice and David.  It was a beautiful day.

And, today was equally beautiful, but on an entirely different scale.  I photographed the entire service capturing at least 150 images of Alice in action.  They are great.

DSC07332After service, we ventured to the basement where the MethodistDSC07518 rose to the tradition of a great meal!  I spent some time with Amy, Alice’s daughter, a former piano and voice student from 2003 to
2007.  I dearly love this young lady, and her bright spirit!  Fortunately, Alice and David are moving to Dayton this week, and I am hoping to stay in contact with Alice and Amy.  I love these ladies!


Naturally, since I had spent time on the former location of President William Henry Harrison’s plantation – where the church sits – I could not pass the opportunity to visit his tomb about a mile away.  This was my fourth visit, and I absolutely love this setting – quite idyllic on the hill overlooking the Ohio River.  I also visited, for the first time, his wife’s family cemetery across the road.

Ahhh…. history heaven!

I returned home to Kettering, changed clothes, ran to the grocery store, picked up a freshman student whose sister had surgery two weeks ago (and is still recovering), and brought him back to my house for his lesson.  After the lesson, we dined at El Toro, and had the best time laughing.  I visited a bit with Cody’s mom, Carrie, and several of her friends who were enjoying pool time.

Back at The Haasienda, I completed all my flower planting!  I’ve been completing other tasks since 9:00 PM, and am just wrapping everything up at 12:25 AM.

Tomorrow is the second week of the summer teaching schedule, and I am so eager to spend time with the students over the next three days.

What a beautiful day this was!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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