MY DAY: All in a Friday…

It is now 12:20 PM, Saturday morning, as I write this blog entry.

Twas a long, long day, but one that was busy, exhilarating, and exceptionally active.  I am not tired, but relaxed, and ready for sleep.

The Morning…

10437434_10154274555940074_270653377085497730_nBy 6:30 AM, Friday morning, Trio von Haas was stirring, eager to pounce as soon as I moved.  This morning ritual is quite cute!  The minute I shift, or stir, Bailey and Harrigan are pouncing on me, wiggling and wagging, slopping my face with kisses, and this is happening simultaneously!  Then, Chief gets in on the action, running around the bedroom doing his little dodge dance before returning to the bed for his lovin’ from Dad.

Breakfast was on the deck after the Trio was fed and watered.  I returned to my bedroom to watch some documentaries before tackling yard work.

9:00 AM, I stepped onto the deck to slip into my yard tennis shoes, and the droplets of rain began.  I repeated this at 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM with the same response from the sky.  Each time, I returned to documentaries and reading.

The Afternoon…

10403183_10154274555930074_3017373002037536007_nNoon and 1:00 PM still showed threats of rain.  I fiddled around the house for a bit, and took a nap.  By 3:00 PM, the sun was bright, and began nudging me from my nap.

I mowed and trimmed both front and back lawns, then used the mulcher in and behind the shrubs to sweep up all the remaining leaves.  After blowing all the cut grass, I tidied up the lawns, and took the kids on a walk.

The Evening…

10444019_10154274555935074_3998771073706225040_nBack at home, I did a little more yard work, and then hopped on my bike for a ride around the neighborhood.  I had intended on eating the remaining two bowls of cabbage soup, but decided to grab a sandwich from Subway to enjoy on the deck while the trio stared me down.

I deep cleaned the carpets and rugs, washed the dishes and tidied the kitchen a bit, and then settled down to write this

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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