MY DAY: The Cardinals visit…

DSC05873Since childhood, I’ve always loved cardinals, and my bedroom was often filled with the sound of the resident cardinal singing from the tree next to my room.  Of course, it was great that Ball State University’s mascot is the cardinal.

A few weeks after Flyer’s death, this past July 29th (2013), I was seated on the deck with Navi and Chief, and looked up to see a cardinal sitting on the rail just a few feet from me.  It acted fearless, calm, and interested in the dialogue I offered.  Navi and Chief, always the proud little hunters, made no effort to investigate the cardinal.

I reported this on Facebook, and received several interesting responses:

Wow! I am sitting here on my deck writing, and a male cardinal – the most beautiful shade of bright red – landed on the deck’s rail, not more than 6′ from me. It stayed for several minutes, seemingly undisturbed, investigating something near the table. He cocked his head several times (I think the cardinal recognized a fellow Cardinal), and did not mind me talking to him. He finally seemed satisfied with his investigation, and flew to the lilac bush.I like these kinds of moments…

Jody Johnson I think that is the spirit of Flyer stopping by to see if all is well with Darin and the kids!!

Valerie Marsh Power Native American culture believes visits like this carry strong medicine! Check out the cardinal meaning. It seems quite appropriate!    

Melinda Naumann Bates Cardinals will become fascinated by their appearance in a mirror, like a car mirror. They’re territorial and think it’s another male bird. There was one near our East Wing offices who used to come down and peck and peck at the mirror on a truck parked in the service roadway. Fun to watch.

Maribeth Crowe After my grandmother passed away, a cardinal hung out by mom’s sun porch for a few weeks. Mom was convinced it was a message from my grandmother. Cardinals are always special to me.

  • I liked the fact that it might have been Flyer returning to assure me, “all is well.”

  • This morning, while arranging show choir music, I had this strange sensation that someone was watching me.  I turned toward the door to my study, but no sign of dogs.  I then turned to my left, and saw a cardinal sitting on the rail, peering into my study.

    It made no effort to move, as I rose to move closer to the window.  After a minute, or so, it moved up to the branches of the Rose of Sharon tree outside my study.  Within seconds, a second cardinal, obviously the female, appeared on the rail.  I attempted to get a photo, but the female flew away, and the male nestled between some branches.

    Eventually, they were both out of sight.


    Could be…?

    Yes.  I believe it was…

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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