MY DAY: The Lost Supper

Thursday night, I actually pre-planned supper since I would teach until 9:00 PM, and then busy myself with preparations for the long weekend of judging show choirs in Beavercreek.

While my last students were arriving, I put a meat tray in the oven: chicken Parmesan with marinara sauce.  One of my favorites.  I also prepped mashed potatoes and corn.

For me, this is the perfect mid-winter dinner.

By 9:30 PM, I was seated at my desk with a delicious smelling plate beside me.  I had not eaten since 11:30 AM, and I was starving!  I took a few bites, and proceeded to work on emails and business.  

I heard the silverware drawer rattling.  As I looked down, only Bailey and Chief remained at my side, waiting with anticipation lest I drop any bites.

In the kitchen, Harrigan was scaling the three kitchen drawers like a rock-climber, or folks at those climbing walls!  She carefully placed her paws on the C-shaped handles, and maneuvered her way toward the counter.

I set her down, offered a firm, “No,” and returned to my study to take in a third bite of food.

I returned to my work.

After a good ten minutes, I became aware that only Bailey and Chief remained at my side.

In the kitchen, Harrigan was on the counter.  The meat tray had one messy slice, the mashed potatoes had disappeared, and she was visibly enjoying the corn.

I set her down on the floor, and proceeded to clean up the mess she’d made.  I also washed her face which was stained with orange from the marinara sauce, and the mashed potatoes from her ears.

I returned to my study…

…to find Bailey had climbed, or jumped, onto my high desk chair, and was standing on my desk licking the plate that had, only moments before, been filled with savory eats.

My meal, save the three bites from my originally planned fare, was now a can of chicken vegetable soup.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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