MY DAY: PIP (Pups in Progress) 01.02.2014

The pups have been here a full six days, and feel as though they’ve been here much longer.

1509201_10153697319490074_1228772713_nHarrigan not only physically resembles Flyer, but she has some mannerisms, and traits that reflect her.  This morning, I put on my shoes and coat so I could venture out into the cold to shovel snow.  I returned to the kitchen to find Harrigan carrying in the leash, presuming we were going on a family walk.

Navi’s twin is definitely Bailey who is petite, and tends to prance and dance.  She is the snuggler, and loves to lavish me with kisses.  Bailey is Navi in spirit.


  • Becoming quite good at letting me know they need to go out to potty
  • “Sit” is pretty firm
  • Still working on “come”
  • They seem to be learning their names better each day
  • They are also learning my hand signals:
    • hand out with palm up = stop (especially for ‘no jump’)
    • hands on hips = Dad is not happy (I don’t know how they picked this one up so quickly)

1520821_10153697128885074_1354635683_n (1)The Girls seemed to love the deep snow, today.  We woke to snow on the ground, and it has continued snowing the entire day.  It was difficult to capture photographs as I did not wish to get my camera wet.

These pups are definite snugglers.  They are almost tattooed against me whenever I sit, or lay down on the bed.  It amazes me that within a day, or so, they already loved me, and wanted to be with me.

Right now, as I write this, evening is settling in on the snow-filled day, Chief is curled up on one side of the gigantic bed with Harrigan snuggled next to him, chewing on a hog’s hoof.  And, little Miss Bailey has her head/body draped over my leg as though she is clinging to me.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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