MY DAY: PIP (Pups in Progress)

We’re moving in on the 48th hour of Bailey and Harrigan’s adoption, and sadly, the one week anniversary of Navi’s accident, and departure.

So far, I am really excited with the way The Girls have already adjusted to the Haasienda!  They seem to know they are home, and are quickly learning the ropes.


… Bailey now comes up and down the stairs without assistance
… Walks are becoming much easier (they always were, actually)
… Leash training is moving along nicely
… I moved Logan’s (RIP) cat-hut by the bed so they can get up and down; Bailey has mastered it; Harrigan is still crying as I write this (figure it out, Harri)
… Successful potty-sessions out back
… Bailey gave me some audible warning sounds (less Justin Bieber octaves) that she needed to potty
… They are understanding “come here” in German
… They are still cute
… They still leak at times but are better
… Chief is a God-send! He demonstrates, and watches after them
… Harrigan finishes her meals and carries her food dish into the hall
… They are snugglers (as you’ve already seen in the photos)
… They love people and other dogs and are always eager to greet them
… They do not like being separated from Dad
… and, they’ve really helped with the initial healing process

And, I am still terribly grateful for the love, and kindnesses that continues to flow into the Haasienda.  The past week has not been about friendship, necessarily; it’s been about love, and demonstrating just how many wonderful people are in my life – even ones I’ve not met!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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