MY DAY: Questions about my new dogs… and my Answers!

The past twenty-four hours, I’ve received some thoughtful, and even hilarious questions regarding my acquisition of Harrigan and Bailey.  These were all from adults!

  • “Are you crazy?”
    • DLJH:  “Yip.  But smart enough to know I needed to move on from my grief over Navi’s death.”
  • “Why were you so impulsive?”
    • DLJH:  “If it’s a gut feeling, I go with it.”
    • DLJH:  “Some people are surprised I didn’t get another dog on the way home from the vet.”
  • “Why would you get two at once?”(from the father of twin daughters)
    • DLJH:  “You are my role model.”
  • “Do you realize how much work puppies are?”
    • DLJH:  “Do you realize I’ve adopted three previous dogs as puppies?”
    • DLJH:  “Didn’t you play with Flyer, Navi and Chief when they were each puppies?”
  • “Do you realize how much work goes into potty training?”
    • DLJH:  “From seeing your five children – middle school through college – I see you’ve done a fine job and I figure you might offer me some tips.”
  • “Isn’t it hard to teach German to them when they know English?”
    • Now, for anyone who knows me, can you imagine how very difficult it was for me to pull back on my response to an adult with three college degrees?  My tongue is still quite tender.
  • “How long will it take them to grow up?”
    • DLJH:  “As long as it takes?”  (Huh?)
  • “Why would you want to listen to all the barking?”
    • DLJH:  “A similar question crossed my mind when you opened your mouth.”  (And this person sprayed their water out!)
  • “Are you keeping Chief?”
    • DLJH:  “Which one of your children did you give up when the others came along?”
  • “Did Chief give birth to them?”  (to her credit, this fellow dog walker doesn’t know us that well, other than to wave)
  • “Did you teach them to walk?” (referring to leash training)
    • DLJH:  “No.  They were already walking when I got them.”
  • “I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but don’t you think Flyer and Navi are happy for you?”
    • DLJH:  “Who do you think was responsible for hand-picking Bailey and Harrigan?”

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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