MY DAY: Ordinary Days Are Unordinary

Some days are just plain ordinary.

I rise from bed between 630 and 7 AM, and by 7:45 AM the dogs and I are out the front door for our 2.5 mile walk.

Unless we meet up with Marcus and Maggie in the park, we are home by 8:30 AM. After feeding the dogs, I prepare my own breakfast.

Breakfast is generally taken in my second-floor bedroom where I attend to emails and other business while The Kids wait for any handouts.

Following business items and a Facebook scan if interesting items and to see how family and friends are doing.

The remainder of my morning is spent researching or writing, Unless it is Tuesday or Thursday when I teach saxophone at the middle schools.

Lunch is generally taken around 1 PM, followed by what I believe to always be a well-deserved nap. Upon rising, the dogs and I go for our afternoon walk. By the time I return home, it is time to begin teaching for the remainder of the evening. My teaching evening generally lasts until 930, or sometimes 10 PM.

Some nights, I am finished teaching early enough where I can go over to Trent Arena to walk on the indoor track. If that doesn’t take place, I try to enjoy a little television, and to catch up on my nerdy historical documentaries.

The weekends are generally filled with concerts or theatrical events, almost always in the company of friends. By 3 PM Sunday afternoon, I’ve resumed the teaching schedule with my senior students, or students planning on majoring in music education or musical theater studies.

The days are busy, and fully packed with interesting and fun events, as well as the people who crossed my path every day – mainly my students and their families.

While the routine is often the same, my students, their families, fellow teachers, my neighbors and several friends, certainly keep the ordinary days from becoming dull and boring.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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