MY DAY: Hugs

My entire life, I’ve always loved hugs. Nothing has changed at age 49.

I love sharing hugs. I love when others share their hugs with me. I especially love surprise hugs from those whom I least expect them.

I grew up in a demonstrative family. Several hugs a day was perfectly natural. There were hugs upon wakening, and there were hugs before going to bed. And there were multiple hugs in between.

My mother’s side of the family was unanimous in offering hugs. However, my birth father’s family was not as demonstrative. It was not until Mother and my Aunt Lois came into the family that hugging became the norm.

Happily, today, all the cousins on that side of the family are tremendous huggers.

My sons, and all their friends, knew to expect hugs in our home. And the same rule applied as when I was a child: hugs before leaving for school, hugs before going to bed, and several in between.

In college, I fell in love with the books by Leo Buscaglia. He was a motivator, and an incredible author. I sent him a thank you letter for writing his books, and a penpal relationship was soon established. He often discussed the importance of hugging and being hugged.

I always love receiving hugs from my mother, but I would have to say that the two best huggers in my life were my Grandma Donna, and my directing mentor, Joshua Logan.

My grandmother’s generous hugs were filled with kisses, multiple squeezes, and tons of love.

Mr. Logan hugged like a bear! He grabbed you with a great deal of might, and embraced you to the point you felt your bones would crush. The man’s passion and joy for life were always felt in these nor-crushing hugs.

Now, I give those bone-crushing jugs!

Scientists believe hugs are healthy and kicks in the endorphins. I don’t know all the particulars but I do know I feel tons better when I’ve been hugged.

Share your hugs freely, and collect as many as you can.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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