MY DAY: Cross Country

For the second time this month I have attended a cross country meet. Saturday, I had 21 students running, representing middle schools and high schools from six different districts throughout the Miami Valley.

Beavercreek high school freshman, Matt Gregson, competing in open varsity, led the entire 2 mile course with a substantial lead in front of the pack. However, about the last 75 feet, a runner seemed to come out of nowhere and clip right past Matt, moving him into second place. Still, what a great finish with 200 others behind them.

What I love most about the cross country meets is the behavior and enthusiasm from the spectators. I also love how we are not sardined in stands just watching. At a cross country meet, the spectators are often running to various points to continue cheering on the runners. I absolutely love this.

The best part is that, unlike football games, or even basketball and baseball, we don’t have screaming and jeering at players when they mess up. That is one thing I simply cannot tolerate. Observing Neanderthals in plumber’s pants standing up to scream at players on a field makes me nauseous. I’d prefer to see their butts down on the field attempting to do the same thing these young athletes are doing.

In cross country, and this is perhaps due to the nature of the sport, it is nothing but encouragement and positivity. I really respect, appreciate and love being around this kind of spectator.

I am really beginning to love cross country.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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