MY DAY: Festivities begin…

Lunch today with a friend.

Tomorrow, breakfast with a friend.  Lunch with a friend.  Thursday will be a repeat of Wednesday, and Friday will boast a breakfast.

Cards, cupcakes, flowers, and hugs began arriving today with students and their families.

One tradition I’ve conducted for the past 12 years on my birthday is to go to Orville Wright’s home, Hawthorn Hill, and sit on the side porch with a cupcake and juice.   This will be the first year Flyer will not be with me.  I thought about taking The Kids, but this was always mine and Flyer’s moment.  I think I will just keep it that way.

Tonight, I finished teaching, walked the dogs, and am eating a sliced tomato and cottage cheese while watching MODERN FAMILY on television.

This afternoon, my younger brother, Destin, wrote a touching birthday greeting:

What does how old we are really mean? Wednesday, my older brother, Darin L. Jolliffe-Haas, will be celebrating his birthday (he is 10 years older!), and I used to always joke about him being so much older, but then I realized, what does our age really mean? I have seen my brother over the years, act like he was Parker, Freddie, or Carolyne’s age when he knew he needed to be at “their level”, but I have also witnessed him with people in their 80’s and he shares his wisdom in a mature way. So remember, our age is how we act and feel! Happy Birthday to my older brother on Wednesday! He has always been there to listen, to help me with school work, and give me a good laugh over the years! Love you, Bub!

This birthday has already gotten off to a wonderful start – and it is still 2.5 hours away!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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