MY DAY: Live-Out-Loud begins… Flying & Fallingwater


This post will fall short of conveying what I hope to say – the words for capturing my experiences are just not on my palate.

Today, September 20, 2013, my LIVE OUT LOUD list commenced!  And, I knocked off two birds with one stone: flying in a small aircraft, and visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s magnificent, Fallingwater, thanks to the kindness and generosity of two friends, Kevin & Shelly Houser.

DSC00170At 8:30 AM, Kevin and I were 3000 feet in the air headingDSC00176 toward Springfield’s airport to pick up his sister-in-law, and my good friend, Becky Brunsman.  At 10:10 AM, and having flown at an altitude of 9000-10,000 feet, the four-seater Cirrus Turbo landed at an airport about 12 miles from Fallingwater.

DSC00268The rolling hills that led to the mountains of Southwestern Pennsylvania were refreshing to see after the monotonously flat landscape of Ohio.  The scenic drive through lush forests and hills were much like driving through The Smokey Mountains.

Fallingwater… unimaginable!  Frank Lloyd Wright is a MichelangeloDSC00233 of architecture, and his seldom unwavering control gave birth to one of the most beautiful, fascinating DSC00259things I’ve ever seen. The details to every item reminded me of a good theatre director with a vision and concept.  This is a place I definitely wish to visit, again.

As we passed through Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania, nestled around the Youghiogheny River, we stopped for lunch at the Ohiopyle House Cafe where the three of us had the most delicious wraps!  Our sodas were brought out in quart Mason jars!  Loved it!

By 2:30 PM we were loaded back into the plane and leaving the rolling beauty of Pennsylvania.

DSC00193The clouds were especially magnificent on our return trip, and I found myself thinking more and more of Wilbur and OrvilleDSC00206 Wright, and Katharine.  In the musical I am writing with Gail Whipple and Leslie Merry, Katharine sings, “Touch The Sky.”  Although Gail’s lyrics escaped me – even the ones I wrote for the chorus – the melody continually rewinding in my head was apt accompaniment.

DSC00305After landing at Springfield to return Becky to her car, and to refuel, Kevin and I aimed toward Springboro’s Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport, just missing a storm front within 15 minutes.  I loved identifying Ankeney Middle School, The Greene, Centerville High School and stadium, McCutcheon Music, and even some homes of friends.

I am so grateful to Kevin and Shelly for bringing to life two of my LIVE OUT LOUD items.  This was one heck of a magnificent day I shall never forget!



About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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