MY DAY: Medicine & Music

This week was a banner week with successful endocrinology and doctor appointments.  Monday, I visited my endocrinologist for a routine exam, and blood draw.  My BP was perfect, and my weight had dropped 17 pounds since my visit in May.  By Wednesday, the lab work had returned and my A1C was 6.1.  My cholesterol and other items were excellent.  My new endocrinologist, upon learning all my results, and the fact I am walking nearly 6 miles each day, and eating healthier, said, “You are a dream patient.”

Friday morning, I met my new family physician, Dr. Edward Clack.  He sat down, and moved the wheeled-stool within a few inches of my face and said, “We’re a team.  I cannot be expected to do it all, I need each patient’s cooperation.”

I loved this man from the start!  He spoke my language.

Whenever I met a new team of teachers for each son, I immediately addressed the fact we were a team, and that I was the team’s captain.  We each had a role to play, and I was the one responsible for my son’s education.

When I visit my physician or endocrinologist, they provide me guidelines on areas to improve, and then it is up to me to go home and practice, and improve.  It is no different than my students: we work on their prepared lesson, I coach them, and then, it is up to them to go home and practice the skills and techniques on which we worked.  If they fail to practice, they fail to succeed.  It is the same with our healthcare professionals.

While I was waiting for the physician’s assistant to check me out, the doctor and his resident, Adam, were discussing his introductory speech.  I interjected that I thought it was a fantastic way to establish the doctor-patient relationship, and to immediately address that this is a partnership, and should never be one-sided.  Dr. Clack loved my comparison to teaching – “Yes!  You get it!  I am going to enjoy working with you.  You’re a dream patient!”

Today, I went to pick up my prescription, and my pharmacist walked over to the window when he saw me.

“I noticed you now have refills for six months?”

I replied, “Yes, Sir.”

“Impressive!  You’ve been a good boy, haven’t you?  I wish all my patients worked hard like you. You’re a dream patient!”

A dream patient!  I am a dream patient simply because I am taking responsibility for my own health.

Just do it!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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