MY DAY: Stoning

This morning around 5 AM, I was awakened by the sound of scurrying feet on the wooden floor upstairs. I turned on my light to find Flyer frantically walking in circles around the room. I figured she had to potty, and I got out of bed to take her out the front door. It was difficult to corral her because she even wanted to go in circles going down the stairs. In the front yard she just continued to walk in circles. I’ve seen her do this several times before these past few weeks. She has no idea who I am, nor does she seem cognizant of anything around her. Back inside the house she continued to walk in circles around the kitchen, ignoring all my commands to sit or lay down. Finally I shouted her name, and she seemed stunned and looked up at me; she wagged her tail and laid down. This morning, she seemed perfectly balanced, and ready for our walk at 8 AM. In fact, there were several times that she was even running. I’ve not seen her run in several years.

This morning I am sitting propped up in bed, with my laptop on my hospital table. This is a nice change of pace from working at my desk. Navi and Chief are crowded together at the foot of the bed, and Flyer is laying on a pile of doggie blankets.

In the early afternoon, my neighbor lady and I will be going “stoning.”

I am sure that many who are reading this are questioning this term.

For the past 34 years, I have worked on my families genealogy. Quite often, when the boys and I would return to Indiana we would take the opportunity to visit different cemeteries. We kept notebooks and pens in the car for just such an occasion. The purpose was to not only locate the various graves of family ancestors, but to also give detailed directions for other family members to find these sites. Of course, I took photographs for verification of spellings and dates. Therefore, the boys began jokingly calling these little expeditions, “stoning.” This has now become the term synonymous with any visit to a cemetery for me.

So, this afternoon my neighbor lady, Kay, and I will head down to Calvary Cemetery, right next to Carillon Park, so she can show me the gravesites of some of her family, as well as where she will one day be interred.

I think Dayton’s Calvary Cemetery and Woodland Cemetery are the most beautiful cemeteries I ever visited. My college friends, Linda and David Lewis, have been encouraging me to visit a well-known cemetery up in Cleveland. Or, maybe Toledo. I can’t remember which one.

So if any of you are going out to visit cemeteries today, “happy stoning!”

From DLJH’s iPhone
“Make it a great day!”

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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