MY DAY: Using Siri

When I got my iPhone a few months ago, I discovered one of the greatest tools that I’ve known in a long time.


Or rather, I thought it was a great tool. Some days, I am just not quite sure. I am submitting this blog post without any corrections from series of original translation.

I still cannot figure out, even with assistance from several on Facebook this morning, how to get Siri to understand that my name is Darren. It also cannot comprehend that my dogs are named: flyer, David, and chief. The one female dogs name shared much better today as it is usually spelled knobby. Just how the heck Siri got David out of Navi is beyond me. And I don’t believe that her name was actually spelled right in the last sentence.

The one thing that I find amusing, sometimes, is that Siri will list a completely different word, term, or phrase, and then offer a suggestion which includes what I was intending to write. Siri logic is a bit screwed up at times.

I also need to go back in and change the setting for the responding voice. Right now, it is a British man speaking to me. It reminds me of Mr. Carson and Dowington Abby. Although I dearly love Mr. Carson and the TV show Dowton Abbey, I literally get into shouting matches with this idiot on Siri. His properness often annoys me greatly.

There are certain words in which I use correct pronunciations based upon British pronunciations. In certain words that contain the long you [u] sound, Such as new, Tuesday, or dew, I insert a YOO [yoo]. Therefore, I pronounce the words as: nu, cues day, and view. Now, those who know me have become used to how I pronounce these words. Obviously, Siri cannot figure this out.

There are some days when I just don’t even care to go back in and correct what Siri has spelled out. There have been, however, corrections that are a necessity. For instance, when I was trying to say acidity, it kept coming out ass city. Now, I enunciate clearly, and always attempt to say things as purely and clearly as I can. However, that just is not good enough for Siri on some days. You should’ve seen how the word Elmer Fudd came out and one email. It was not pretty.

I shall continue to investigate Siri [I accidentally said,’theory’] Because it is a fascinating tool, and allows me to multitask.

From DLJH’s iPhone
“Make it a great day!”

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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