MY DAY: Wrapping up this Sunday

Well, the van ride was good…

And just as I posted the one blog stating that the dogs had done a great job, I smelled the familiar warm acidic smell of Chief’s offering. Sigh…

We stopped at Dairy Queen in Oakwood, and while I was juggling three small dishes of ice cream a young eighth-grade boy, named Reid, assisted me by opening the van door. He was so excited to see three dogs inside the van and could hardly contain his enthusiasm. Reid and his dad both stood by the van as we fed the dogs the ice cream and and the young man with Down Syndrome was so proud and thrilled to be a part of this activity. While the dad and I stood at the van chatting (for a good 30 minutes), Reid, with his father’s permission, played with each dog separately on the leash. I’ve never seen a happier young boy. Reid even learned a few German terms that I speak with the dogs. Before parting, we even briefly discussed the possibility of Reid looking after the dogs when I’m gone, and once he is in high school.

I love these chance meetings with folks. It is absolutely amazing when paths cross unexpectedly. I think this was one of those little God winks.

Flyer seems to be doing exceptionally well today. She seemed a little sluggish on our morning walk, but after she spent some time with Sue Branson at Noon she seemed a little perkier. When I returned from the park concerts, she was at the gate wiggling and wagging her tail with excitement. She hasn’t done this for several days. All afternoon she followed me around the house, so much like her former self of healthier days. When we took our third walk, she didn’t seem as tired. Flyer was the first one at the door when I said we should go take a ride and she found her way to the van and crawled up inside with her old familiar enthusiasm. Inside the van she stood between the two seats in front and kept rubbing her head against my leg.

When we reached home I decided to fill a few more pots and planted some of the remaining flowers from the school’s flower sale back in May. Flyer stayed with me the entire time in the front yard and even assisted me by pulling out a few flowers from one of the pots I had just planted! Despite being only slightly aggravated, I was too busy howling with laughter over her antics. She had never done something like that before. The old girl still has it in her.

It is not time to call it a night, yet, but it is time for a little relaxation. I think I might even pop some popcorn and watch something on Netflix. The next three days will be filled with a total of 43 hours of teaching so I will hang onto this relaxation till the very last moment. It’s been a great day. I’ve lived this day exactly how I chose to do so, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

From DLJH’s iPhone
“Make it a great day!”

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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