MY DAY: 49 Crazy Things…

Last weekend I attended a graduation party, and met two of my students’ grandfather. During our conversation, he mentioned how his one daughter-in-law did something unique as she prepared to turn 40. The year leading up to her 40th birthday she did 39 Crazy Things she normally would not have done.

Her list included:

1. I did Warrior (military style) Dash
2. I read the 50 Shades of Gray triology
3. I kissed a frog
4. I did a Shootin and Drinkin event, which involved firing 6 weapons from a pistol to an AK 47
5. I went to a male revue show (think Chippendales only skankier)
6. I did a Slender Spa body wrap (you really just have to google this to see how ridiculous it is)
7. I did the Ladies Calf Scramble in a rodeo
8. I joined the Board of Directors of a small start up company
9. I was a venture capitalist for that same company (Num Num)
10. I took a pole dancing class
11. I rode on the back of a motorcycle
12. I escorted 7 people ranging in age from 5 to 94 on a trip to Italy
13. I locked the bathroom door on an airplane (this is my big phobia hence a big deal)
14. I attended Thad’s wedding (because who ever though THAD would get married? Much less in a Russian Orthodox ceremony!)
15. I lost 20 pounds
16. I fostered a German Shepherd dog for a month and rescued her 5 minutes before she was to be put down
17. I instituted a stand at work policy and now stand instead of sit for 20 minutes out of every hour
18. I did the Run Back in Time at 1:50 AM on Daylight Savings day
19. I did the run above wearing Penguin footed pajamas
20. I took a circus stunts class
21. I took Florida’s python hunting training and got certified to hunt pythons in the Everglades
22. I took the online Jeopardy contestant quiz
23. I did the Hot Chocolate 15k
24. I danced Gangman style for TV cameras
25. I painted an heirloom flootmat
26. I edited a book on pageantry
27. I let Clare (her 5 year old daughter) pick out my driving glasses with zero input from me
28. I took a snow boarding lesson
29. I swam in hot springs then made snow angels in the snow
30. I did the Diva Dash
31. I took an Astobiology class from the University of Edinburgh (and passed the course with distinction)
32. I signed for Disney’s Wine and Dine half marathon
33. I threw a birthday party for my dog…quite a lavish one
34. I won the Shamrock 5K for the 35-39 age group
35. I took a cookie decorating class (I don’t bake)
36. I did the Color Run (in a white tee shirt with people throwing colors on you)
37. I read the Bible straight through from Genesis In the Beginning to Revelations Amen
38. I drove a tank over old cars
39. I donated 1,973 food items to the church Happy Sacks program in honor of the year I was born…

50things_COVERI decided I needed to do something like this as I prepare to turn 50 in September 2014. At this time, I don’t even know what I would include on the 49 CRAZY THINGS list, but I figured I could take these next few months to build a list, and begin them this September.  I doubt I will go for all the marathons as the lady above, as I really hate running. However, I might walk in a walkathon for some charity – adoption, diabetes, humane society, etc..

Some preliminary ideas…

  • take an art or photography class
  • travel to some places I’ve always wanted to go (ie. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Waters; Boys & Girls Town, USA; President Truman’s home in Independence, Missouri; etc.)
  • join a musical group
  • learn a new instrument
  • learn, understand and appreciate (cough) football (I might need Paula Bennett to coach me on this!)
  • learn how to play a card game (the Pollocks already got me started on a few)
  • attend a Cincinnati Red’s baseball game – it’s been 40 years since I went to one with my Uncle Garry – we watched the Reds play the Cubs, and went to Kings Island the next day

I am open to ideas…

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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3 Responses to MY DAY: 49 Crazy Things…

  1. Becky Erb Strang says:

    You and I must be the same age. I love this idea!!!

    • Wright Flyer Guy says:

      I thought you were several years younger than me. I think I remember Jim discussing he graduated in 1982, and I was in 1983.

  2. Mark says:

    Love the concept of Crazy Things. Glad you’re open to it. I’ll be sure to share a few for you to consider.

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