Painting & BMV

Yesterday I went through closets and pulled out a bunch of items that are no longer in use. They’re a ton of things to give away, and the things I have not promised are going to Goodwill.

Thursday evening I drove the van back to Mike Rogers’ house, and he spent a good hour repairing the van steering column. Magic Mike is just absolutely wonderful. I cannot think this man enough.

Back at home I began painting around 9 o’clock. So it’s a good not have a clock upstairs, I had no idea what time it was getting to be. When I finally did go down stairs I figured the clock would read midnight or one in the morning. However, it read 4 AM. Since I had just a little bit to complete with the first coat, I went ahead and finished it. I made it to bed roughly around 5 AM. The next time this happens, I should probably take my cue from the birds that had begun singing. It’s a shame the little critters couldn’t be like the ones in Snow White or some of the other Disney movies where they come in and help.

And now at nearly 930 in the morning, I am headed to the license bureau to get the title changed over to me, and to secure a new title for the car that will be leaving the driveway this afternoon. I am hoping everything is done correctly. I do not wish to wait any longer, nor return to the license branch until I absolutely have to. The past 10 years or so, I’ve purchased my registration online. This is a eliminated some visits to the license branch, however, every four years I need to go back just to have my picture taken for them. Their work is not as fashionable as most portrait studios but they are quick.

One great thing about venturing down to this neck of the woods, Centerville, as the Bill’s Donuts is right on my return home. I think I deserve a treat today.

But first, I must go in and slay a dragon. I am now at the license branch.

From DLJH’s iPhone
“Make it a great day!”

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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