1913 Dayton Flood presentation

Attending a 1913 Dayton Flood presentation with Quintin, Joanie & Brian Pollock; hosted by a member f the Oakwood Historical Society.

Great photographs from the disaster. Tons of information on early Dayton that is really interesting. Dayton really was a fascinating city during the Turn of the Century.

There were a number of floods throughout the nineteenth century, but the 1913 food was the most devastating. Some of William Preston Mayfield’s photography was extraordinary.

The rescue mission was an unbelievable feat given technology and the fact there was no power. John Patterson was a leader in the rescue efforts. The ordinary citizens who rescued victims is astounding – so many heroes. The Adams family’s boat was upturned, and al swept to different places. Fortunately, the following day, the mother, father, infant twins, and grandfather were all reunited through various heroic efforts.

Thousands of pianos and pump organs were destroyed. The Miami Valley railroad system was completely devastated. There were many freak situations occurred – horses on roof tops, a 200 ton steel beam floated down one street without breaking windows or doing any severe damage.

Very good presentation!

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“Make it a great day!”

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