Bath time

DSC06334This morning, and this afternoon, Flyer had a seizure.  I am adjusting her insulin per the vet’s instructions, and we will see where this takes her.

I decided that today was probably a good time for her to receive a bath, and then figured I might as well make it three baths, preparing myself for chasing Navi from under the bed and trying to force her through the bathroom door with her four legs stretched out in spread-eagle, fighting me all the way.

Flyer, as always, hopped right into the tub and enjoyed her time.  Chief, who is generally hesitant at this time, wedged in between my self and the wall to observe.  I took this as a good sign.  Of course, Chief is always very attentive to Flyer when she has a seizure, so I figured he might also be in protective mode.

Before I completed towel drying Flyer, Chief had hopped into the tub and sat for his turn.  Mission accomplished.

Upon completion of the towel drying and the ceremonial body shake, I turned to find Princess Wigglealot waiting at the bathroom door.  Flyer barged past Navi, hopping into the tub before I could stop her, and refused to leave the tub.  I turned on the hose’s nozzle pretending to bathe her, and then gave her a quick towel dry.  Flyer was satisfied.  She hopped out of the tub, gave a shake, and returned to her rug in the hallway.

Navi was still in the doorway!

I told Navi to hop into the tub.  And, she did!  I felt like Annie Sullivan in THE MIRACLE WORKER when Helen Keller folded her napkin.  A little item, but a major milestone!  Navi still confuses “sit” and “lay down,” but by golly, she hopped into the bathtub on her own volition.

This is, indeed, a big day in the Haasienda!


About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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