The Knit Jumper…

At Washington Elementary School, Roger Smith and I were the only ones in our class who did not have any siblings.  In first grade, Roger became a big brother.

That left only me with a single sibling.

The summer of 1972, just after my first grade year ended, I learned I was to be a big brother for the first time.  Mother walked out of Dr. Behnken’s examining room, looked across the lobby, smiled, and nodded.  I can still remember the overwhelming sensation of physical and emotional excitement that seemed to resound within.

Mother and I walked across the parking lot of the strip mall on West Jackson Street to Zayres Department Store for I was eager to purchase something for the new baby.  I selected a white knit full-body jumper with blue flowers lined up down the chest, and a waist-tie with yellow and white pom-pons.

February 1973, Mother brought home the first sibling home from the hospital wearing the new outfit.  Nearly  nineteen months later, my brother, Destin Lang (Jolliff) Haas, wore the same outfit home from the hospital.  Destin’s first three children wore the outfit home, as well.

And today, nearly forty years since the first baby arrived home from the hospital wearing the outfit, my newest nephew, Jude Lang Haas, continued the tradition.  This was a tender moment for me to see this little fellow wearing something I had contributed to what would become a tradition.

Stacia & Jude

Stacia & Jude

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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