…WWII Photographs…

My grandfather, Leroy Barmes, enlisted for WWII, and was stationed in Florida when he contracted Rheumatic fever.  He had been studying radio operating with the Army-Air Corps up in Wisconsin.

Here are some of the nurses and soldiers at the military hospital, June 1942.  What was so great – Grandpa wrote their names and addresses on the back of the photos.  Tonight, I researched each individual, and discovered nearly all have passed away.

Melvin Rippentrop, Rapid City, South Dakota

Melvin Rippentrop died 1 Jun 1986 in , Blue Earth, MN.

Lt. Carol Gutzmann, 115 Lake Street, Osh Kosh, Wisconsin

Willis Eggspuehler, Iowa Falls, Iowa

Willis D Eggspuehler was born on 11/24/1922 and died on 06/09/2008. Willis Eggspuehler is buried in Clinton-garfield Cemetery, which is located in Rolfe, IA.

William Blanford, 112 Holland Dr. Chattanooga, Tennessee

Coy Durham, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Coy Dunham died Jul. 23, 1998, and is buried in Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery, North Carolina.

Wayne Harrigton

Wayne M. Harrington, age 91, of Holland, Michigan, passed away Friday, January 27, 2012 

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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5 Responses to …WWII Photographs…

  1. Charlotte Eggspuehler Rhoda says:

    My Daddy was Willis D. Eggspuehler. He had pneumonia for 22 months and had lung scaring for life. He lived a long happy life and became professional musician, playing piano, organ and trumpet
    He left behind his 2 sons Kraig, Kris and his little pumpkin, “Char Char!” I miss him every day of my life as I now am fighting cancer and I miss his wisdom and comfort. He gave me strength! I love you, Daddy.

    • Darin L. Jolliffe-Haas says:

      This is incredible that you found this particular blog entry. I do hope you will copy the photos that include your father, or all of them. I do send you thoughts, and prayers, as you step through this current trail on your journey, and please share my best with your family. It is amazing that nearly 70 years ago, the paths of your father and my grandfather crossed, and then ours have crossed.

      All my best, Charlotte!

    • halunc58@gmail.com says:

      Coy was my father. he was a retired police officer that served for 38 years in his hometown of Chapel hill, N.C.I miss him so much, he was a wonderful father and person.

      • Wright Flyer Guy says:

        My grandfather, Leroy Barmes, whose photos I posted, was also a police officer. I am so glad I posted these photos, as they have connected several family members of those in the photographs. Blessings…

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