Jefferson’s Bible goes on display

November at the National Museum of American History
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Plymouth Rock piece

Featured Artifact

Plymouth Rock Pieces

Did you know that when the Pilgrims arrived in New England in 1620 they did not actually land at Plymouth Rock? The story of the Pilgrims coming ashore at Plymouth Rock is not mentioned in accounts of the landing until 1771. Even though the legend was created a century after the landing, the rock has achieved the status of national icon. The Museum’s Political History Collection holds two pieces of the famous rock.

Veterans Day

Recognize a Veteran with a Gift to the Museum

Since 1919, Americans have observed Nov. 11 as a day to honor the sacrifices of those who have fought for freedom. This Veterans Day, make a donation in honor of your loved one. Your tax-deductible gift will help to preserve and display the most treasured objects from America’s past. If you make your gift by November 19, the Museum will list the name of the veteran you honor in our December e-newsletter.

Honor someone with a gift today!

Personal and Public: Civil War Portraits

Featured Video

Personal and Public: Civil War Portraits

This video brings you behind-the-scenes into our photographic history collections to examine personal relationships with photography during a national crisis.


Featured Discussion

In the fall of 1950, the comic strip “Peanuts,” by Charles M. Schulz, debuted.

What life lessons have you learned from Charlie Brown?

Share your thoughts.

Jefferson’s Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth opens Friday, November 11

Conservation of the Jefferson Bible
This display focuses on a remarkable 19th-century document that the Museum has recently meticulously conserved. Thomas Jefferson assembled a private text in 1820, using excerpts from the Four Gospels of the New Testament in Greek, Latin, French, and English. His aim was to tell a chronological version of Jesus’ life and distill his moral philosophy. Starting November 11 you will also be able to explore every page of the artifact online in high resolution.

The First Ladies opens Wednesday, November 19

First Ladies gowns
The new exhibition explores the unofficial but important position of first lady and the ways that different women have shaped the role to make their own contributions to the presidential administrations and the nation. More than two dozen gowns will be on view, including those worn by Frances Cleveland, Lou Hoover, Jacqueline Kennedy, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama. Note: No First Ladies gowns will be on view Tuesday, November 1, through Friday, November 18.

Esperanza Spalding Donates Nobel Peace Prize Performance Dress

Esperanza Spalding donates Nobel Peace Prize performance dress
Grammy Award-winning vocalist and musician Esperanza Spalding donated the dress she wore during her performance at the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize ceremony honoring President Barack Obama.

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