…Social Networking…

The past several days I’ve enjoyed the fortunes of social network as I attempt to complete a multitude of tasks. With my cell phone in hand, I have a remarkable tool at my fingertips as I dart about my day running errands, or standing in the middle of Walmart trying to figure out what to do with some window coverings!

Quite often have I turned to Facebook to ask about recipes, installing ceiling fans, seeking tickets for shows, and needing information on all sorts of things. Earlier this week I needed to know where I could buy Sharpie pens for the marching band contest, and I texted the inquiry onto my Facebook page while standing in the middle of Kroger. By the time I left Kroger I had well over ten responses via Facebook and cell texts. Piece of cake.

Later that evening I was stressing over panels to hang beneath my own valance-creation in the living room, and since this is an area of complete mystery to me, I decided to take it to the masses. Since I have a large number of moms who sit in my living room each week, I took a photo of the swatch I’d brought with me, and sent it to thirty or moms. In less than a minute I began receiving texts with great suggestions. The window hangings are not completed, but at least I am armed with numerous ideas.

As a band parent I’ve especially enjoyed how we can communicate so quickly, and effectively from bus to bus, across the field, or from miles apart as we plan things.

This morning I drove to Mason to watch the preliminary competition for the Bands Of America regional competition. Rather than pay the expensive BOA ticket prices, I watched Fairmont’s performance from the side gate. Afterward, I tried to acquire internet access at the Mason Public Library but was unsuccessful.

How do you find a place with Wifi in Mason, Ohio?

Well, you post it on Facebook from your cell phone! And the responses quickly poured in. I knew Panera Bread had internet access, but did not realize so many other places did, as well. Right now, I am sitting in the McDonalds typing this post.

It is also neat to know that people do read my posts as I had responses from those who live in Arizona, California, Illinois, Ohio, and Florida!

Facebook is great for staying in touch with family, friends, high school and college classmates, current students, and former students. I have especially enjoyed connecting with so many cousins who live all across the country. We get to reunite, watch one another’s families grow, and share the beauty of sharing a past, not to mention a gene pool!

Thank you to all those who come to my aide through the wonderful world of social networking!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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