Bad Romance

Monday night one of my adult students introduced me to my first Lady Gaga song, “Bad Romance.”

When I was finished teaching, I sat at my computer and looked up the video on YouTube. Wow! What a great song!

I had heard of Lady Gaga, but was not completely familiar with her body of work. I began reading about her, and am so impressed with her story! A professional musician that studied composition at NYU’s Tisch! Impressive! And she is only 24 years old!

I think my son, and some of my students are surprised that I have become knowledgeable of Lady Gaga’s music. However, I am as impressed with her theatrics as much as I am her music.

In some ways, she reminds me of Madonna in the early days of her career. I am interested to see where this young lady’s career takes her.

Will she have the career longevity of Madonna?

Tuesday night, the cast of the hit television show, GLEE, performed “Bad Romance.” Here is an interview about the making of this particular scene.

And here is the GLEE 2010 TOUR recently in Phoenix, Arizona.

I haven’t been this excited over an artist since I discovered Bon Jovi two summers ago… yes, it was late in life!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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1 Response to Bad Romance

  1. She should certainly get props for being a successful singer who actually writes her own music—in today’s music world this is far rarer than it should be (and somewhat rarer for women, in my impression). Too often, artists succeed on looks, ability to dance, and songs mass-produced by others. Yet, usually, it is the artists/groups who write their own music who tend to reach the best overall result—and looking at the very best (according to my taste) it is almost invariably so. Eminem is an outstanding example of this in the “current crop” (and possibly the only chart-topping artist in that crop that I find truly worthwhile).

    As for Lady Gaga, she makes reasonably good entertainment music and is an occasional semi-guilty pleasure of mine—but someone should show the girl how to dress properly…

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