Family Week & Weekend

What another wonderful week! Ups, downs, warm weather, busy schedules… ah! It doesn’t get much better!

Jose did not make the basketball team for his middle school, and though he was down that evening when he returned home, his positive and fun-loving spirit had returned by morning. He requested to leave for school early so he could congratulate those who made it. Prior to the try-outs, he and I had discussed the “what if’s” a number of times. So, he proved to be a little trooper. Jose now has his sights set on cross country.

Wednesday evening was the choral boosters meeting. I detest meetings, unless they are production meetings for a show; however, this is an important support group since it is for our children. The grouping of personalities is always a marvel to me. I love observing those who seem to gently grip onto their power and control. In discussing the show choir invitational after the meeting had closed, I was indirectly told that my suggestions or recommendations were fairly out of sync and that I should “go to more contests to observe how they are run” as this parent had done. I was so polite and acknowledged their suggestion as other parents who know my background attempted to keep straight faces.

There was no school Friday and I went to see the new music facilities with Brody so I could assist with the head-up of the big move form the old choral room to the new facilities. I am just blown away by the new performing arts wing – HUGE! The band room I am dubbing Meijer’s West as it is spacious. Afterwards, band directors Mike Berning and Tim Parker sat in the choir room with Brody and I and chewed the fat a bit.

At noon I met Sheila Magnuson to hear the scoop on the actual opening weekend of Sweeney Todd. Wow! Benjamin has really hit a dream. Friday after opening night, Stephen Sondheim invited the cast of ten and the directors to a party at his home (he lives next door to where Katherine Hepburn lived). He spent several hours just chatting with Benjamin and then took him upstairs to his music room. Sondheim invited Benjamin to play his piano, and then afterwards told him it was Leonard Bernstein’s piano. What a dream this boy is living.

Friday evening, Jeff Carter and AJ arrived from Muncie for a wonderful visit. We went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday, then picked up Chris Hetzer who spent the weekend with us while his family traveled to Michigan for family business. After dinner, Jeff, AJ and I went to see Ragtime… ahhh… I still cannot get that show’s design and structure out of my system. We left Wright State and went to Brody’s where he was having a Man Night Party. There were about five other guys there, mostly choir dads, throwing darts and enjoying Brody’s concoctions from his well stocked bar. Jeff and Brody got to chat shop for a bit and seemed to hit it off. Around 1:30am, we headed home.

Saturday morning, I woke at 6:00am and worked a little before showering. Jeff woke and we talked for a while. After showers were completed, the six of us headed to First Watch to have breakfast, and then to Towne & Country so Jeff could buy some things from Trader Joe’s.

After saying goodbye to our dear guests, the three boys and I headed to the National Adoption Month party hosted by ACTION Adoption. We stayed there for about three hours and then returned home so Matt could head to work. My friend, Phil Clary, a choir director from Cincinnati, called en route from a wedding in Bowling Green. He stopped by and stayed until 2:00am.

Sunday, we spent a leisurely morning playing video games, cars, etc. (OK, I worked while the boys played). At 3:00pm we drove a few blocks over to Sheila Magnuson’s to take in her summer furniture and swing, and to do a few items for her since Benjamin can’t seem to find time to leave his Broadway show to assist his mother. Sheila made cookies for the boys (we don’t accept $ for doing neighborly things). After dinner, Bill Hetzer came to pick up Chris, thus ending a weekend of having wonderful people in our home, and in our lives.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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