Columbus Weekend, 2005

What a fun weekend!

FRIDAY, at 2:00pm, we packed our overnight bags and packed the car. One of my seniors agreed to stay with Flyer for the weekend, and we headed east for Columbus. By 4:30pm we were checked in to the Best Western off of US-71 on the north side of Columbus. Despite the overcast sky, the boys hopped into the indoor pool. Our friend, Brian from Massillon, arrived shortly after 5:00pm and after he found his room (across the hall from ours) he quickly joined us in the pool. After a few hours of splashing around, we drove through downtown Columbus – which is beautiful at night all lit up – and had dinner at Max & Erma’s. We returned to the hotel to watch movies.

SATURDAY morning we all slept in and after showering and having lunch, we headed in to COSI. This adorable family of four stood in front of us and we soon learned they were from Centerville and were looking for a piano teacher. The father had been a music major in college and had once worked for a local music store. We had a great chat which eased the 45 minute wait in line.

COSI (, similar to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, is located on the Sciota River in downtown Columbus with a fantastic view of the city sky line. We had intended on seeing the Titanic exhibit, but once we arrived, we discovered it was quite similar to the permanent exhibit we saw in Orlando over Spring Break. We ended up going through COSI – which was fine. I had heard so many wonderful things from fellow parents about COSI, but I was somewhat disappointed. It was not what I was expecting and I still believe the Indianapolis Children’s Museum is better.

There was one section called “Progress” which we all enjoyed. We walked through a community from 1895 and it was so neat to see all the things that made life so innovative for my great-grandparents and their families. The boys (and Brian) were really taken with the wireless operator’s room (telegram office), and the telephone building. We then walked into the same city in the 1950’s – what a remarkable change! The favorite section seemed to be the diner with the working juke box that had an arm to move the 45 records! What a hoot. I still remember those.

We left COSI and returned to the hotel for more swimming. After showering we ate dinner and – at Brian’s suggestion – took off for the Columbus Family Fun Center. I was hesitant about this portion of the weekend, but merrily went along anyway. It was a roller skating rink! I could not imagine my 40(almost 41) year old body on roller skates – but I could imagine me in the emergency room having casts added to limbs. Amazing how it all comes back to you! I was fine the entire evening and thoroughly enjoyed myself. At 8:45pm we went into this room and suited up in laser tag gear. I asked the young employee to take a photo – which he did, admitting he had never had a zannier crew in there before.

SUNDAY we again woke late and went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Brian needed to purchase some items for his mother’s business at the Flower Factory so we walked through it with him. I discovered these ancient knight helmets which were intended for displays – and I found the perfect display! My poor sons should always have a load of zany stories about their father – just as I have wonderfully zany stories of my mother and grandparents!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend and I almost hated returning to Dayton… School starts tomorrow, and although I love the beginning of school but it also signals the end of summer – and this was such a fun summer! We got to spend dinner time Tuesday evenings with our family friends/students, the Salchaks and Bransons – after lessons we had dinner – and what fun we had. We had many visits home to Indiana with family, and we had several fantastic evenings shared with Jeffrey Carter, AJ Hunter, the Richards, and even a day with the Ball State Singers…

What a great summer!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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